The Major Benefits of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Understanding the big benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures are becoming more and more popular each day, for a variety of different reasons.

Unless you were blessed with absolutely incredible genetics (as well as a near fanatical sense of diligence when it came to cleaning and maintaining your teeth), the odds are pretty good that your smile is looking at least a little bit worn out.

But you would be nowhere near alone.

In fact, studies published by number of men’s and women’s magazines over the last 10 years have reported that anywhere between 70% and 90% of people out there would love nothing more than to brighten and whitening their smile – understanding that it’s one of the key things to boost attractiveness through the roof.

This demand has led the cosmetic dentistry industry to absolutely explode in the last two decades, and modern medicine, science, and technology has all combined to create a brand-new world of cosmetic dental solutions.

Because it is cheaper than ever before, more available than ever before, and more reliable and durable than ever before we are really looking at a perfect storm of conditions here that are helping to get millions and millions of people the cosmetic dentistry they’ve always wanted.

But are there any clear-cut benefits to actually having your teeth worked on?

Or is everything pretty superficial and more focused on how you feel, rather than how everyone else interacts with you (and your new pearly whites)?

You’d probably be pretty surprised at the answer to those questions, which is why you are going to love of the information included in this quick guide!

The immediate transformation of your smile is the biggest benefit of them all

Cosmetic dental braces

There is a major link between what we see in the mirror and our emotions, our physical well-being, and our ability to navigate our day to day lives – far more of a link than most people would ever care to admit.

Psychologists and researchers have always understood that the way we feel about our bodies and our attractiveness level dictates a lot of the choices that we make on a day to day basis, which in turn will have a major impact on how we feel, whether or not we are excited or depressed, and the types of activities or lifestyle decisions that we choose to move forward with.

Now, obviously, just upgrading your smile probably isn’t enough to completely change the way you look at the world for good – but it’s going to have a larger impact than you could have ever imagined.

People that are coming out of cosmetic dental offices all over the world find that they are more positive, are more engaged, and are willing to take more risks to pursue the things that are most important in their lives – and a lot of it starts with their smile!

It’s an amazing link between what we see in the mirror and how our brains choose to navigate all of the information that we process on a second to second basis, but the link is undeniable and it will have a transformative impact on your life immediately (as well as over time).

There’s nothing like a brand-new smile to lift you up when you’re feeling down! Visit the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry for more information on currenttreatments.

You’ll find that you are far more confident and outgoing when you have a perfect smile

A healthy, pearly white, and picture-perfect smile is unanimously seen as one of the most attractive traits for men and for women.

Because we all understand this (consciously as well as on a deeply unconscious and primal level), just about all of us are constantly and consistently judging the quality of our smile as well as the quality of everyone else’s smile that we come across.

If we feel that our smiles are lacking in any way, shape, or form, it’s enough to cause our confidence to go into a nosedive – a nosedive that is really difficult to pull out of until we get our smile back on track.

Sometimes, it’s enough to simply white our teeth a bit to get right back on the wagon, but other times we need to take advantage of more advanced cosmetic dentistry (more expensive cosmetic dentistry).

At the same time, that might be one of the best investments you ever decide to take advantage of.

When your confidence goes through the roof and you become more outgoing, you’re going to find social interactions to become ridiculously easier to navigate without any other changes whatsoever.

Studies suggest that more attractive people are paid more and are more successful at work

It’s not exactly the easiest thing to hear, but it’s something that we all understand at least on a subconscious level. Attractive people just get better treatment on a daily basis, and especially at work.

Well, if you are able to upgrade your smile, you are going to shoot up the “attractiveness scale” almost overnight – which might also have a major (and transformative) impact on your pay scale, as well.

Now, this isn’t to say that your teeth are the only thing holding you back from that big raise or that big promotion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But when you get your teeth to a near picture-perfect level (as far as appearance is concerned), it just might be the “tipping point” veterans you a bit of extra recognition at the office.

Deciding to take advantage of cosmetic dentistry can land you a pretty plush vacation

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t exactly the least expensive procedure you could decide to take advantage of, which is why so many are looking at having the work performed in other countries – especially those in subtropical or tropical regions.

These dentists have access to the same tools, technology, skills, and know how that the rest of the world enjoys, but they also have significantly lower costs of living which allow them to offer their services at a pretty steep discount.

There’s nothing quite like flying out to an island paradise, staying for a week (or two), and having your smile upgraded all for a significantly less price than what you would have paid for a bit of cosmetic dentistry around the corner.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry cannot be ignored!

The Differences Between Invisalign and Traditional Braces

Thanks to Dr Chudasama of DentalKind in Essex for the following information which explains in layman’s terms the increasingly popular dental treatment called Invisalign braces.

In a perfect world, when your baby teeth ended up fell out they would have been replaced by picture-perfect adult teeth that were as straight as an arrow and aligned exactly as they should be.

However, according to dental studies published in early 2010, the overwhelming majority of adults just aren’t getting to enjoy that kind of good fortune. In fact, a significant amount of people end up having to take advantage of teeth alignment tools and technology (like traditional braces and Invisalign, in more recent years) just to straighten out their teeth and enjoying a picture-perfect smile moving forward.

But how do you know that you actually need to have your teeth aligned?

How do you know that braces are the way to go, especially in your adult years?

And what about newer technology like Invisalign (and other Invisalign-like alternatives) that promise the same results as braces without all of the headache and hassle of dealing with a “metal mouth”?

Well, you’ll be able to get all of the answers that you’re looking for in this easy to read guide.

How important is it to have your teeth align perfectly?

Believe it or not, perfectly aligned teeth aren’t just important for cosmetic reasons – though there’s nothing quite like a picture-perfect smile!

Your teeth provide a very important utility in your day to day life, allowing you to chew your food and protect your mouth. If your teeth are perfectly aligned (exactly as they should be, and exactly as Mother Nature intended) you are going to find it to be very easy to eat, super easy to chew, and incredibly easy to breeze – not to mention talk, laugh, and live a headache free existence!

If, on the other hand, your teeth aren’t perfectly aligned (which happens to a tremendous amount of people all over the world) you’re going to be dealing with some pretty serious hassles I day-to-day basis – hassles that can grow into more serious problems over time.

On top of that, your teeth just aren’t going to look right, and then you’ll have to deal with all of the psychological and social pressure that this situation will place squarely upon your shoulders.

It makes a world of sense to have your teeth aligned if they aren’t already, but then it all boils down to picking and choosing the right solution to get the job done.

And that’s an entirely different bag of issues!

Why are braces so popular?

The overwhelming majority of people out there are going to end up relying on traditional braces (or a more modern spin on braces) to get their teeth back into alignment, mostly because of these solutions have proven to be so incredibly effective over time.

Braces have been used for decades to help people straighten out, align, and readjust their teeth over time, helping you to enjoy a more natural and picture-perfect smile than you would have been able to otherwise.

Sure, they aren’t exactly the greatest thing in the world to look at (and few people would argue that point), but they are incredibly reliable and has a proven track record quite unlike any other cosmetic dental solution out there.

The cold hard truth of the matter is they get the job done better than just about anything else, even if they end up looking more than a little bit unobtrusive (and some would say downright unappealing).

On top of that, braces are relatively inexpensive when compared to some of the other alternatives out there for aligning your teeth.

Sure, they aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination – especially if you need to have them readjusted, realigned, and “tweaked” over time or are going to be expecting to wear them for more than a year – but compared to a lot of the other options that are available for this specific purpose they are budget based there

Is Invisalign an effective alternative to traditional braces?

Invisalign has come along though, and flipped over the applecart, so to speak.

Operating almost on the exact same principle as your braces would, they provide you with an almost invisible piece of dental technology that will help you to straighten out and align your teeth without the “metal mouth effect” that braces bring to the table.

Using incredibly powerful computers and imaging technology and software, a properly trained cosmetic dentist is going to be able to take very detailed 3-D models of your teeth and then work with Eddie Invisalign technology to custom mold a dental tool that will bring your teeth into alignment over time.

This dental tool is going to be as invisible as any physical object can be, and while it will be a noticeable for those that are paying extreme attention, for the most part it is going to fade into the background while giving you the exact same results that braces would.

It’s real easy best of both worlds, so long as your dental alignment issue can be solved by the Invisalign solution. There are a number of situations where Invisalign just won’t work nearly as effectively as braces would, but your dentist will be able to advise you in those circumstances and let you know whether or not you should move forward with either option.

How to I make the right decision when it comes time to straighten out my teeth?

When it all comes down to the decision-making process, you’re not only going to want to think about the short-term (how you will look and how quickly your teeth will come into alignment with either option), but you’re also going to want to look at the big picture.

After all, it doesn’t make a world of sense to spend a year or more in braces or Invisalign and not end up with the perfectly straight and perfectly aligned teeth you’re after.

Speak to your general dentist, your cosmetic dentist, and do a bit of research and due diligence online about both of these solutions and you should be able to navigate this situation without any real effort at all.

Best of luck going forward!

Choosing an Orthodontist

We are often asked about the difference between a dentist and a specialist orthodontist. The distinction is subtle yet profound as your smile and those of your family will be decided by this decision. With this in mind we have written a handy little guide that will help you choose the correct dental professional for you.

What is the difference between an Orthodontist and a Dentist?

An orthodontist specialises in disorders that relate to misaligned jaws and teeth and the solutions that can rectify these, such as some type of brace. A dentist on the other hand, is more of an all-round dental professional who provides expertise in restorative dentistry like crowns, bridges, whitening, fillings and implants. Dr Sunil Chudasama of Dental Kind in Essex explains that there are a couple of things to consider when making your decision and doing your dental research.

Just ask to find out whether your dentist is a specialist Orthodontist

One of the best ways to find the right orthodontist is simply to ask.  You may already have a dentist but ask them if they are a qualified orthodontist or whether there is a dedicated member of their staff that provides orthodontist advice. They don’t offer this service then they are best placed to recommend a orthodontist in the Bristol area.  If your dentist does not offer a specialist orthodontist service they we would recommend that you speak to family, friends and co-workers about their experiences with local orthodontists. They are sure to give an unbiased appraisal of the treatments they received and with which orthodontist they would

Make sure your Orthodontist has the latest technology

The more advanced an office is, the more likely that the dentist is constantly investing and upgrading their dental practice to keep it at the forefront of modern orthodontics.  This will mean that they have digital x-rays which allows for better communication with other dentists which allows them to access your patient information effortlessly. It is also imperative that the Orthodontist is abreast of and using the latest technological advancements in braces.  The newer brace treatment go faster and usually have less discomfort for the patient.

Are you considering having Invisalign treatment?

Most Orthodontists will state that they offer the latest Invisalign Essex. Most Orthodontists have been trained in braces but perhaps have not spent time in the needed continuous professional development to learn how to use the Invisalign system.

You may be aware that invisalign system of tooth movement involves clear, removable aligners that are worn 22 hours a day.  The patient gets a new set every fortnight and each new system gradually moves your teeth into the prescribed position.  Many patients believe that Invisalign does all the work, but this is not the case, they just provide the software. The real key to success lies with an experienced Orthodontist – as they are what really transform your smile.

Cosmetic Dental Braces in Demand

An interesting trend seems to be developing for cosmetic dental braces . Dr David Cashel has reported an upsurge in the number of clients visiting his practice and actually asking for dental braces using the brand name of the company involved.

Gone are the days when clunky bits of scaffolding attached to teeth turned patients into embarrassed mutes. Today’s range of cosmetic braces work much more quickly than before, are much less intrusive than before, are easier and less painful to put in place, are much more comfortable for the patient to wear and are practically invisible to other people.  This is why they are often described as “invisible braces”.

Dr Cashel, of Cashel Daisley Dental, advises people to take their dentists’ advice on the correct treatment for straightening teeth. Looking for Invisalign in Glasgow may seem like a solution to a patient’s problem, but there may well be other more efficient ways to get the job done and straighten your teeth using a different product. With so many different manufacturers and products in the marketplace, the sensible thing to do is have a consultation with a dental expert and be advised as to the best way forward.

Also, try to understand that any timings the dentist gives you are a best estimate. Cosmetic dental braces like Invisalign and Inman Aligners are state of the art products, but they require discipline from the wearer. You need to commit yourself to follow the treatment regime properly or the original timings estimated by your dentist may prove to be over optimistic.

Booking Dental Appointments Just Got Easier!

Getting an appointment with a doctor or a dentist, particularly in the UK for an NHS appointment, can be a bit of a nightmare. Some clinics are booked up weeks in advance, leaving most people to rely on calling early to try and get an emergency dental appointment or a visit to the doctor’s surgery.

Emergency appointments are almost a waste of time for people with regular working hours, as you really have no idea when you’ll be seen and might struggle to get the time off work. Fortunately, some medical practices are finally taking advantage of the internet to help make patients’ lives easier.

Some dental practices, like in Southampton,  are now using online appointment booking software to allow patients to manage their own appointments. Some of these services allow patients to register with the clinic and book appointments at times that suit them, and some of the more advanced software actually sends reminders to patients automatically to remind them about their appointment.

These programs make things much easier for patients and clinics, as it removes a lot of the administration work typically involved in managing appointments.

Historically, practices would need to take calls to schedule appointments, add them to the system, manually send out reminders to patients, and manage any cancellations. By using an automated system, everyone’s life is made a little bit easier and allows medical professionals to do what they’re there to do – treat patients.

As more medical and dental practices incorporate this kind of software, making an appointment with your doctor or dentist will become so much easier. Welcome to the future!


Biohorizons Dental Implants System

Choosing a dental implants system is a complicated decision to make – this article is courtesy of the Glasgow Smile Gallery and we thank Dr Bruce for his time.

My Experiences with the Biohorizons dental implant system

Choosing a dental implant system to use is a daunting task. The market is full of different systems each with its own unique selling point and each claiming superiority.
I placed my first dental implant 4 years ago and have used 3 different systems. In the article below I will explore my experiences with the Biohorizons tapered internal implant system. The tapered internal implant is my ‘go to’ implant for the majority of cases.


progressively tapered body with a 1.5 mm deep internal hex connection.
Reverse buttress thread pattern with RBT treated Titanium.
Has a laseloc collar
Comes with a 3 in 1 abutment connected
Comes in lengths of 7mm 9mm 10.5mm 12mm and 15mm
Comes in widths of 3.8mm 4.6mm and 5.7mm

The reverse buttress threads give amazing primary stability of the implant even in D4 bone and is particulary useful for immediate implant placement. Having the abutment already attached to the implant makes it very easy to visualise you depth when placing using a flapless technique, as the predefined margin is placed 1mm subgingival. The laser lock collar has been shown to promote soft tissue attachment to it. This inhibits recession but also means you have flexability in placement ie supracrestal or partly supreacrestal in an uneven ridge.

Words of caution

A tapered implant into an undersized osteotomy can cause tremendous stress on the cortical bone and its common to see microfractures. All bone types require you to use the cortical bone drill to depth to allow pressure free seating of the implant collar.

D1 and D2 bone should have the osteotomy pretapped at high torque and low RPM. Otherwise insertion torques can reach over the recommended 35 Ncm.

I always leave 3 months until uncovery and also prefer a 2 stage approach with impressions taken 2 weeks post healing cap placement.

Use of the 3 in 1 abutment makes impressions taking very easy and that same abutment is prepared by the lab to allow use as the permanent abutment. This is very cost effective and usually results in lab bills being less than €180.

Glasgow Smile Clinic

Dr Jameel Gardee of the Glasgow Smile Clinic in Argyle Street, has cautioned against the use of so called tooth whitening toothpastes.  Many consumers are paying upwards of £10 per tube of toothpaste, and according to Dr Gardee, in many instances there is very little benefit to be gained from paying nearly 10 times more than some well known branded toothpastes .

With many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening – the Glasgow Smile Clinic was the first dental practice in Scotland to use the ZOOM! lamp for teeth whitening – Dr Gardee is well qualified to give advice in this area.  His advice was also backed up recently in an article in the Daily Mail which concluded that money spent on many of the leading “tooth whitening” toothpastes was quite simply, money down the drain.

You can find out more about the Glasgow Smile Clinic at


Veneers are one of the more popular ways of achieving a whiter smile, with many practices offering this service routinely. Essentially, veneers are thin layers of material which are placed over the teeth to improve the appearance of a smile or to protect teeth from damage.

Veneers are usually made from one of two types of material; dental porcelain or composite. Costs can vary quite widely depending on the material used and the iniial condition of the teeth, but veneers do have the advantage of being reasonably long lasting, usually reasonably priced compared to some other aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry procedures, and veneers involve pretty much minimal invasive surgical intervention. Here in Scotland, if you’re looking to source veneers Glasgow appears to be the place – there are many very well trained dentists emanating from the Glasgow Dental School.