Choosing an Orthodontist

We are often asked about the difference between a dentist and a specialist orthodontist. The distinction is subtle yet profound as your smile and those of your family will be decided by this decision. With this in mind we have written a handy little guide that will help you choose the correct dental professional for you.

What is the difference between an Orthodontist and a Dentist?

An orthodontist specialises in disorders that relate to misaligned jaws and teeth and the solutions that can rectify these, such as some type of brace. A dentist on the other hand, is more of an all-round dental professional who provides expertise in restorative dentistry like crowns, bridges, whitening, fillings and implants. Dr Sunil Chudasama of Dental Kind in Essex explains that there are a couple of things to consider when making your decision and doing your dental research.

Just ask to find out whether your dentist is a specialist Orthodontist

One of the best ways to find the right orthodontist is simply to ask.  You may already have a dentist but ask them if they are a qualified orthodontist or whether there is a dedicated member of their staff that provides orthodontist advice. They don’t offer this service then they are best placed to recommend a orthodontist in the Bristol area.  If your dentist does not offer a specialist orthodontist service they we would recommend that you speak to family, friends and co-workers about their experiences with local orthodontists. They are sure to give an unbiased appraisal of the treatments they received and with which orthodontist they would

Make sure your Orthodontist has the latest technology

The more advanced an office is, the more likely that the dentist is constantly investing and upgrading their dental practice to keep it at the forefront of modern orthodontics.  This will mean that they have digital x-rays which allows for better communication with other dentists which allows them to access your patient information effortlessly. It is also imperative that the Orthodontist is abreast of and using the latest technological advancements in braces.  The newer brace treatment go faster and usually have less discomfort for the patient.

Are you considering having Invisalign treatment?

Most Orthodontists will state that they offer the latest Invisalign Essex. Most Orthodontists have been trained in braces but perhaps have not spent time in the needed continuous professional development to learn how to use the Invisalign system.

You may be aware that invisalign system of tooth movement involves clear, removable aligners that are worn 22 hours a day.  The patient gets a new set every fortnight and each new system gradually moves your teeth into the prescribed position.  Many patients believe that Invisalign does all the work, but this is not the case, they just provide the software. The real key to success lies with an experienced Orthodontist – as they are what really transform your smile.