Dental Implants Glasgow Man’s Journey

Dental Implants in Glasgow

have come a long way since the halcyon days of my childhood. As we speak, Iam 53 years old, have a lifelong dental phobia and, of course, pretty poor teeth as a consequence. My memories of the dentist in Glasgow are nightmares, shrouded in a fog of teeth extractions under anaesthetic, kicking and struggling to escape that black rubber mask, always knowing who would win. Of course, it’s now well known that oral health is key to one’s general health as well, and I’ve been stumbling around feeling guilty about my holistic health and wellbeing, but being far too afraid to do anything about it.

My redemption arrived decades after this, courtesy of the arrival of DentalFx in Glasgow, along with the arrival of a bouncing babay son, who seems to have grown up overnight into a fun-filled 10 year old. I was determined Jack would not suffer the same phobia as I did, and somehow plucked up the courage to venture into the Dentalfx surgery.  Renowned as one of the best dental surgeries for dental implants in Glasgow , I sat in the dentist’s chair with my heart beating nineteen to the dozen, hoping I wouldn’t pass out in front of my son.  Imagine my surprise when the entire consultation was quick, and painless. Jack sat down next, a quick inspection and we were on our way home.  The gleaming array of dental equipment and the very pleasant waiting room slowly made me realise that the dentistry world must have changed an awful lot -, and indeed the state of health provision overall must have changed radically, but has somehow passed me by. Specifically for instance, if you’re worried about dental implants, there’s a wealth of information at the Association of Dental Implantology (UK)

So this website is aimed at people like me, the out of date, nervous,  people who want or crave better health, be it dental implants Glasgow related, other oral health issues or general health and wellbeing related.

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