Glasgow Smile Clinic

Dr Jameel Gardee of the Glasgow Smile Clinic in Argyle Street, has cautioned against the use of so called tooth whitening toothpastes.  Many consumers are paying upwards of £10 per tube of toothpaste, and according to Dr Gardee, in many instances there is very little benefit to be gained from paying nearly 10 times more than some well known branded toothpastes .

With many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening – the Glasgow Smile Clinic was the first dental practice in Scotland to use the ZOOM! lamp for teeth whitening – Dr Gardee is well qualified to give advice in this area.  His advice was also backed up recently in an article in the Daily Mail which concluded that money spent on many of the leading “tooth whitening” toothpastes was quite simply, money down the drain.

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