Which Dental Procedures Are Not Available From The NHS?

While many services, such as crowns, root canals and fillings are available on the NHS, many other services are not. The majority of these procedures fall under the realm of ‘cosmetic dentistry’; dental work to improve the appearance or comfort of your teeth and gums rather than an essential service for their health. Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures like dental implants, veneers and teeth whitening that are all available from your dentist. Read on to find out more about these additional services that your dentist can provide.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is the most permanent and long term solution to replace a lost or broken tooth, and is considered a significant improvement on the typical denture solution. Consisting of a titanium rod, a support collar and a crown, implants can be used to replace both single teeth and multiple adjacent teeth within a single fixture.

Initially the titanium rod is inserted into a prepared socket in the bone until it becomes fixed (a process known as osseointegration) before the support collar and crown are attached later on.

Once the dental implant is in place and is fully integrated within the jaw bone it will function exactly as a normal tooth would.


Veneers can be used for several reasons in cosmetic dentistry; either to cover up stained or cracked teeth, or to correct the size of inter-dental gaps. They provide an excellent finish to the external surface of teeth and comfortably hide from view any aspect of your teeth that you’d rather not see.

The procedure for veneers can vary slightly but typically involves shaving away a layer of tooth equal in thickness to the veneer that will then be applied. The veneer is then fixed in place on the shaved surface of the tooth using dental cement.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an extremely popular dental procedure, probably because it can quickly lead to a significant improvement in teeth appearance. Teeth whitening is particularly popular among those with dark or stained teeth but can be taken advantage of anyone who would like to brighten their smile.

The procedure involves the application of a bleaching gel, followed by a specialised light source to accelerate the whitening.

Other Procedures

In addition to the services detailed above, private dental care offers the chance to take advantage of the latest and best advancements in oral care, with high quality treatments available for standard procedures like bridgework root canals and tooth restoration.