All-On-4 Dental Implants Explained

What Are All on 4 Implants?

Getting a better smile has never been easier, no matter what kinds of problems you may be suffering from. That’s because medical technology has made more options available than ever before. So if you’ve wanted an improved smile in the past, but thought you weren’t a candidate, think again. Today, with the help of Dr David Cashel, an experienced Glasgow dental implantologist, let’s explore how All-on-4 implants could help you smile with more confidence.

How They Work

All-on-4 implants work like dentures, except that they provide a permanent solution. The teeth screw into your jaw, thereby assuring they’ll never pop out, a problem many denture wearers have to worry about regularly. Despite the fact that they screw into actual bone, they are a great solution for those who don’t have jaws that could otherwise receive implants. That’s because bone can be transplanted that then makes this area available once more.

Only four implants made from titanium are needed to then establish an entire custom bridge for the rest of the teeth. These “pillars” work to support all the other teeth you need for a full, beautiful smile.

A Permanent Solution

Again, one of the great things about using All-on-4 implants is that they provide permanent teeth that will always stay in place. This also means you can get back to brushing as you normally did prior to your dental concerns arising. No more dental glue, no more denture solution at night. Just use a toothbrush like your normally would and your new smile will beam just as bright as any other.

Comfortable Implants

Another big advantage is the fact that these dentures will not press down or otherwise rub up against your gums. Many people who wear dentures constantly complain about the way this application causes pain in their mouth. Ultimately, they find themselves having to choose between the smile they always wanted and constant discomfort. Unfortunately, this irritation is common to other solutions too.

But because of the way All-on-4 implants are installed, your gums feel no pain and after a little while, you’ll hardly know they’re there at all.

Won’t Interfere with Eating

For those who have worn dentures, mealtime can be more of a challenge than something to enjoy. Dentures can shift, allowing food to become stuck and trapped. They can also make it difficult to chew. Many people find that their dental work interferes with their ability to grasp the full taste of their food as well.

This doesn’t occur with All-on-4 implants though. In fact, you’ll experience the taste and even the temperature of your food just like everyone else does. Obviously, you never have to worry about food getting stuck below these permanent implants either.

They’re Not Just Good for Your Smile

With All-on-4 implants installed, you’ll have a hard time not constantly smiling throughout the day. But the nice thing is that the way these dentures are applied will also help your overall facial features too. They’ll be restored to the normal shape they had prior to losing any of your teeth. This will only serve to boost your confidence even more.

They’ll Prevent Bone Deterioration

Like we mentioned earlier, All-on-4 implants are a great way to get your smile back, even if you’ve had significant damage done to your jawbone over the years. Once they’re in, though, they’ll also help ensure that further deterioration doesn’t occur. You’ll find that these dentures actually go a long way toward protecting your jawbone more than other options ever could.

If you could use a whole new smile, then All-on-4 implants are definitely worth looking into. Not only do they look great when installed, but you’ll get to enjoy all the above options and many more.