What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Everyone wants gleaming white teeth, which most people equate with health and beauty. There are many ways you can achieve perfectly white teeth, including over the counter trays, special toothpastes and seeing your dentist. Another method of getting rid of yellow teeth is a method called zoom teeth whitening. As with any other technique, it’s important to find out more about it before you try it.

Zoom teeth whitening is done at the dentist’s office and you can expect pretty good results from the treatment. The method is said to be faster than other types of whitening procedures and can help remove all types of stains, including those from smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine and many other kinds of stains.

The complete zoom whitening procedure takes about an hour, usually less. Your dentist will probably recommend a standard clean in the dentist chair before getting started. First, your teeth and gums are covered and your teeth are fully exposed. Next, your dentist will apply the zoom mixture, which is largely hydrogen peroxide. A special light is then shone on the gel mixture, which enhances the whitening process and helps remove stains from the enamel and all surfaces of your teeth. Once the gel is applied to your teeth, you will have about 15 minutes to relax while it combines with the light to break up and remove stains. The gel is applied three times and each time you will be exposed to the light for 15 minutes.

After you undergo zoom teeth whitening, you will have to exercise proper care of your teeth to ensure that you maximise the results. This includes using a home touch up kit to keep the whitening even. You may also be advised to limit your exposure to drinks like tea, coffee and wine or to drink them through a straw to keep them from staining your teeth all over again. You might also be instructed to quit smoking and use certain toothpaste.

Zoom teeth whitening might not be right for everyone. Dentists caution people with a strong gag reflex because the procedure can induce gagging takes are long enough that it may be hard to get through. Some people experience sensitivity after the procedure so you want to be prepared for that.

The treatment costs start at £495.